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International Affairs


Although international affairs comes primarily under the remit of the UK government, there are a number of mechanisms by which Welsh political parties and Welsh Government can legitimately engage in these issues:

  1. The British Irish Parliamentary Society
  2. The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  3. The EU Committee of the Regions
  4. The EU Council of Ministers
  5. The Government of Wales Act 2006 Par 62
  6. The Wales for Africa programme
  7. Trade missions


Priority A - Human Rights

  1. For continued support for the Wales for Africa programme and to develop the human rights agenda within it.
  2. To strengthen the link between human rights and economic cooperation in Wales’ trade missions and in the EU’s bilateral relations with other states.

Priority B - Freedom of Belief / Religious Freedom

  1. To speak out on international issues where freedom of belief – including the freedom not to believe and the freedom to change religion or belief – is being suppressed and where faith groups are being persecuted.
  2. To speak out in support of persecuted Christians in the world, including countries in which the Church’s historical presence is under threat.

Priority C - Human Trafficking

  1. To support Welsh civil society links with anti-trafficking initiatives that could be networked and developed within the Wales for Africa programme.
  2. For continued financial support for Wales’ Anti Human Trafficking Co-ordinator and the development of the role to include combating human trafficking in source countries.

Priority D - Women’s Rights

  1. To set up a women’s educational rights programme to encourage developing partnerships via the Wales for Africa programme
  2. To explore ways in which female genital mutilation (FGM) issues can be addressed through the Wales for Africa programme.

Priority E - Economic and Trade Justice

  1. For Wales to take a lead in supporting tax transparency and fair trade in its procurement services.
  2. To build on the Sustainable Development Charter in order to equip businesses in Wales to take into account the economic and social impact of their actions on developing countries, as well as to contribute to the vision of a sustainable Wales.

Priority F - Climate Change

To continue to work towards carbon reduction commitments through encouraging behavioural change across all sectors; for Wales to lead on a global level, promoting achievement and targets through the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development and using its position to call for vigorous international action on climate change.

For Wales to continue to grow its Climate Change Partnership programme to lend technical expertise to countries threatened by the effects of climate change.

Christian Context

Scripture affirms that people of every nation share a common humanity (Acts 17: 26) and all alike share the dignity of being created in the “image of God” (i.e. with something of the nature of God stamped into our identity). We believe the love and dignity God gives to all people are the birthright of all people of all nations. As Christians, therefore, we are committed to human rights, including freedom to worship and to believe (or not to believe) according to one’s conscience, fairness between nations, and protection of the weak and vulnerable.

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