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Local Government


Priority A - Service priorities

Local Government services should be targeted at those most in need.

  1. A commitment to ensuring that social justice is reflected in all service policies, and supported by service plans that ensure that those in greatest need receive services.
  2. Clear policies which will enable people to move out of poverty.
  3. Welsh Government and local authorities to define 'core services' in times of financial stringency.

Priority B - Community Leadership

Local Government should give leadership in understanding the needs of their community and providing direction for how those needs should be addressed.

  1. Enabling Local Authorities to work out what is in the interest of their communities, and to implement plans which can be shown to promote the prosperity of the area and quality of life of citizens.
  2. Providing the conditions that promote collaboration between Authorities and agencies.

Priority C - Partnership

Reductions in public spending give opportunities for faith communities to provide some community services

  1. Recognising the value of and supporting faith communities in providing community and preventive services to their local communities (e.g. day provision for children and older people, parenting groups, marriage guidance, debt counselling etc.)
  2. Enabling faith communities to acquire redundant public buildings and land as a base for service provision.

Priority D - Fair Taxation

  1. The current system of Council Tax is not seen as fair and equitable.
  2. A commitment to press for a form of local government taxation and relief that is based on the disposable resources of citizens.

Priority E - Clearer Responsibility and Accountability

There is a lot of confusion about the roles of tiers of Government and confusion about accountability because members tend to interfere in the functions of lower tiers.

  1. A clear commitment to the principle of self-government by communities.
  2. A commitment to a review of the decisions that are best taken at each tier of Government (i.e. Community Council, Unitary Authority, Welsh Government).

Christian Context

Four scriptural principles are reflected in the determination of priorities

  1. All forms of Government are established by God for the ordering of society.
  2. Involvement in Local Government should reflect servant values.
  3. Authorities should have a particular concern for the poor and those in greatest need.
  4. Churches and other faith groups are a major community resource, and are well placed to meet a range of social, emotional and spiritual needs in partnership with Government.

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