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Mental Health


The following are suggestions of including the 'spiritual' to promote healing of the mental health issues people experience:


Priority A - For Faith Communities to be seen as a vital part of the Primary Care Resources for emotional wellbeing, mental health promotion and recovery from mental health illness

To continue the partnering with statutory and non-statutory organisations and be written into care packages. Faith Communities can offer many social action opportunities such as Volunteering in a nurturing and 'hopeful' recovery environment, Engagement Gateway Schemes, Internships, Youth Work, Food Banks, Street Pastors, Homeless shelters, Debt advice centres, Personal Development Courses and linking with hard to reach groups. They can also offer spiritual support in the form of Counselling and Prayer.

Priority B - For continued profile and funding for Chaplaincy within the NHS

So that dedicated staff can promote emotional and spiritual wellbeing for those with and without faith, mental health promotion and recovery from mental health illness.

Priority C - For emotional literacy, resilience, moral and spiritual development to be prioritized within education

Helping prevent mental health illness developing with young people and consequently into adulthood.

Priority D - For holistic training for NHS and non-statutory staff to address spirituality

Throughout the lifespan.

Priority E - A designated Mental Health Welsh Government Member.

Christian Context.

Jesus talks of 'Lov(ing) the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ (Luke 10:27). This suggests how we have different parts to ourselves; physical, emotional and spiritual. All of these parts of us can be well, but they can also get sick too.

Physical illness is often visible like breaking a bone. Emotional illness can be hidden and present as a mental health issue. This can be as devastating as a broken leg. Many times the spiritual part of our lives is ignored and yet Jesus suggests that all of these areas are entwined.

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